Growing to a strategic plan.

It is vital that any development on Adelaide Airport land proceed in a manner compatible with adjacent land uses and optimum development policies, without compromising operational integrity and economic viability. Conversely, it is important that development surrounding the airport does not compromise the operational integrity of airport operations, taking into account the National Airport Safeguarding Framework (NASF).

The land use provisions take into account, among other documents, South Australia’s Strategic Plan (2011) and the 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide (2010).

The airport is divided into seven precincts. For each precinct there are Objectives and Desired Character Statements for future development, along with Principles of Development Control incorporating Envisaged and Non-Complying uses.

In changes since the 2009 Master Plan, the former Burbridge and Terminals precincts have been combined to form the larger Terminals & Business Precinct, and the Holdfast Precinct has been incorporated into the larger Morphett Precinct.

To assist with land use planning, the AAL’s Airport Planning Coordination Forum – which was established in 2007 to develop ongoing strategic partnerships with Commonwealth, State and local governments – also continues to meet regularly to discuss issues regarding airport planning, development and operations, as well as implications of development on surrounding areas.